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May 29, 2008

Welcome to my GSoC blog. Here I will post updates and other info regarding my Summer of Code project. I will be working on SWIG and will be adding the Component Object Model as one of its targets. A description of my project can be found here (hosted by the SwigWiki). The project is mentored by Ian Appru.

COM is a rather broad term. I prefer looking at COM as a standardized way to describe (not necessarily C++) classes and methods, somewhat similar to Reflection in Java (but limiting itself only to methods). Once a class is described properly the description can be used for many useful things, e.g. you can use this class in another COM-aware language without creating any special wrappers or you can make objects of this class available to be called through RPC.

My main motivation for creating the COM target is to allow using C++ objects from Windows-based scripting languages like JScript and VBA (the language used in Excel and Access), but its other possible applications are very numerous.