First status update (May 26th)

My mentor and I agreed that I will be preparing a status report each week. Below is the first status report that I sent to Ian on May 26th.

Summer of Code is officially starting today and as agreed I am sending you the first weekly status update :).

The things I have done so far are mostly preliminaries:
– I set up an SVN account, my own branch (branches/gsoc2008-jezabek) and svnmerge (to faciliate merging changes from trunk),
– Right now I am setting up a developer blog, where I’m planning to copy the status updates, in case someone else is interested (and to have them archived at one place),
– I have done some preliminary work on the code, namely I have created a (rather trivial for now) COM target, which is being built by default and which can be selected from the command line. For now the main part of the target is mostly empty; I am planning to model it after the Java and C# targets (which are quite similar to each other). This is because both of these languages use strong typing and single inheritance and don’t use the internal SWIG type system (which is mainly intended for languages with a dynamic type system).

The thing I plan to work on this week is creating an IDL file which describes the interface of each of the wrapped classes; this is quite similar to what is done in Java/C# when generating the proxy classes (the Java/C# classes that mirror the original C++ classes), but somewhat easier since it does not involve any code – only the interface definitions.

How would you prefer to review the progress of development – will you set up your own SVN client, or should I send you a tarball of the sources each week (if you prefer I can also send you binaries – for Windows and Linux x86 at least). I will try to give some examples each week of what works, e.g. the input file and what is generated for it.


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